R. Ramakrishna :

Native place Krishud, dt. Gudivada.He worked as   a  supervisor in 1983 in  Banglore. He worked hard doing day and night shifts, some times 24-48hrs without break. He used to get salary of Rs.650/- per month. He shared room and food with his friends.

Now with God's grace and all the experience lead him from a supervisor to a Proprietor. He is running a Factory - 

Indian Metal Products in Banglore.He believes in hard work & honesty.

More about him in very soon.......


Sri Vani Creations(SVC) :

Smt. Vani (Producer), the main force behind SVC. She has vast experience in event management for corporates. She is a voluntary Associate to the Spastic Society of India-a philanthopic, humanitarian organisation. "Sri Venkateshwara Leelalu" is her first solo production. She made all her best to evoke the spiritual consciousness in all age groups, which is necessary in this generation. ashe worked hard & at last she made it success. She got a good response from Telugu people all around the world.

Husband, Sri.PVR. Murthy, working as finance director in Yash Birla Group. Besides his duties, he also spares time to spread the Telugu culture to all parts of World.

Both are devoted their lives for Telugu Sanskriti and for development  of Telugu bhasha all around the world.

More information, very soon....... 

Mrs. Jyothi Shiva

There is nothing impossible which a lady can't do. This has been proved by a young lady Mrs. Jyothi Shiva in the field of Art & Handicrafts.
Especially the love for handicrafts made her a genius. She created an idol of Lord Krishna which is 4 ft width and 8 ft height in a large frame with lot of dedication and tremendous concentration. This yielded her the award and appreciation from all. You will read more about Mrs Jyothi Shiva in coming issue.

Dr. Ravi Kuchimanchi :

Dr.Ravi Kuchimanchi (Rajahmundri, A.P), an IIT engineer and have Ph.D. from Maryland. He is one of the best example said to serve the most needy people, specially people living in remote areas(Adivasis). He had intelligence  and imagination  which he thought would be enough to raise money. At that time , a toy name Rubik's Cube was best-selling one in the world. He thought, why not make an improved and more attractive toy based on this one, procure a patent in India and the US & market it? That would fetch a huge number of  dollars. Those can then be used to solve the problems facing the village.

He & his friend invented a modified toy. They also obtained a patent for it. By this time, he had started working on his Ph.D. in particle Physics

at University of Maryland near Washington. This toy received a lot of praise from many local media channels to prestigious newspapers like the New York Times. However the toy did not find a market due to the recession in the American-Japanese toy business.... And Ravi could not find Dollars. So, he came India .

He is doing a lot in Bilgaon , a small village in the Nandurbar  town in Dhule Dt in.Maharashtra State. A village with no telephone connection or even Maharashtra elctricity. Bilgaon lit up out of a movement to challenge the unjust displacements brought on by the Sardar Sarovar project and to challenges those biased developmental parameters supporting the project. The people of Narmada valley were affected by this project. Members of the "Peoples School of engineering", Kerala & Ravi & AID contributed significantly in the technical aspect of this electricity generation station.

Ravi's empathy for this movement was also an accident. His wife, Aravinda was studying literature at University of Maryland at that time. She originally is from India but grew up in US. Because of her study on human rights movements, she was curious about Narmada Bachao Andolan and Medha Patkar. In 1997, she organized a discussion session with Medha Patkar for AID members. This proved to be an extremely enriching experience for Ravi's emotions. The passion to do "something" for village found a concrete channel & he and Aravinda bid farewell to America.

Here, with some friends and well wishers have started an association- "Association for India Development" (AID) in 1991. Starting this Assoc'n. was of only 10 members. This assoc'n has developed and had collected thousands of dollars.

Now this assoc'n consists of 10,000 members, 1000 volunteers. They are running 40 assoc'ns in US, 4-5 in Australia.

They (AID) are trying their level best  in developing backward areas in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu &  Maharashtra. They are implementing nearly 500 projects in India like electricity development in 9 bording schools,  Srikakulam, Pondur. Mahila sanghalu, childerns library books, organic forming, free electricity for poor, etc. They are also in the field of health and medicine.

The service made by Dr.Kuchimanci is excellent, we wish still more people  join this 

"ocean of service "and let India Shines.

Dr. Srinatha Reddy :

Dr. K.S.Reddy (Cardiologist), from Osmania University, Hyd(Ap) has done a great job in the field of Preventive Medicine. He thinks treating a patient cures him from disease but cannot cure the disease itself. He believe in "Prevention is better than cure". So he worked really on this by alerting people as how to prevent the diseases. His work has attracted Royal Society. This lead him to achieve  the award "Royal Society Global" award in 1976.

Now working as a cardiologist in AIMS. Seeing his work this year he has selected for National Award by British Rani. 20 years of his service has taken him to acheive "Royal Society of Promotion of Health" award. This award is given in London in the month of June this year.

Indian Government has awarded him "Padma Bhushan".

EX-chief minister Mr.Chandrababu Naidu has greeted him for his great work.

Let all of us pray to god that he should touch the sky in his work which brings the country a Healthy country. Being a telugu person, it is really a great goal for India.

more about the award ceremony (London) soon.....

Garapati Ramakrishna :

Sri G.Ramakrishna in his 17 age started the social service. Facing many personal problems he never loose heart , he continued the service. Native West Godavari but settled in Karnataka. He did services like spreading education, free eye checkup camps, group marriages, medical camps, family planning programmes, etc. He served the people almost in all the necessary fields. Being president of many social trusts (Vivekenanda Youth club, Karatagi Lions club, Ganavathi Youth Federation, etc.) He devoted his life for the people.

We from "KALAYIKA" wishes him to proceed the work and get more awards, good name & fame in future.