Ghazal Srinivas :

Ghazal Srinivas is divinely gifted genius, from palakol, West Godavari Dt., AP. He has scaled the heights of International Fame as Prince and Pioneer of singing Telugu Ghazals. He has been singing and performing Telugu Ghazals since 1986. He has developed a unique style of of his own- a care free effortless, sonorous singing. He makes use of "Kanjeera" a common instrument as his only accompaniment.Characteristically Srinivas analyzes each stanza of the Ghazal  that he sings and bring out the hidden literary beauty of it as he explains to the audience.

Ghazals sung by him are packed with human values, human relations, personality development, philosophy, social awareness, love for fellow-beings, and so on In short, they are the songs of every soul. Entertaining the audience is not the end of his concert, but entitling them to introspection and enlightenment of the dormant souls.

He has performed  in other countries- in Us, England, Wales, Scotland, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, Australia, and so on. Until now he has given over 5000 performances. He also renders Hindi and Urdu Ghazals during his concerts.

Srinivas was honoured with titles like Ghazal Maestro, Ghazal Gaana Samrat, Ghazal Gaana Kala Prapoorna, Ghazal Gaana Chiranjeevi, Ghazal Gaana Visaradha, Ghazal Gaana Vibhushana and Pride of India award by European Scottish Association. He was bestowed with Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Lifetime Achievement Award.  Rotary Excellency Award, Lions International Human Excellency Award, Jaycees Outstanding Young Person Award.

Besides serving the art of  Music, serves the society through his concerts, by raising funds for the poor students, artistes, construction of Educational institutions, public parks, old-age homes, etc. He has been performed in the Districts and Central Prisons to bring about a reformation in the prisoners. He became instrumental in organizing many health camps and service activities.

We from "KALAYIKA" team wish him  all the best in future to become more popular  & serve the country for the most needy people.

Address : 6-3-629/2, A2, Kabir Nivas, Anand Nagar, Khairtabad, Hyderabad-500004, A.P., India.

Tel (R) : 91 40 5561 1530, Mobile : 98490 13697

E-Mail :


First Lady pilot Officer in Andhra Pradesh :

Pabbathi Kalavathi : 

Native Place : Nandyala. From chilhood she had interest in studies and wish to do a job. She completed her 10th in 1975. She went to Hyderabad for the Nurse selection in Andhra Mahila Sabha,  but she was not successed. She never loose heart. She had a strong determination to get a job in any cost. She stayed their searching for a job. She learned typing in her relatives house. She saw a notification of constable, she has applied and selected. For this her uncle Mr. Gnan Prakash helped her. The first step which she had put has taken has been lucky to her. She never look back.

In 1975 she has appointed in special brach, later in 1979, she is promoted to Head constable in control room upto 1986. In 1987 SI. She worked in Anti Hyjacking Wing in Airport from 1987-2000.

Under Central Security Force,  she has selected as SI in South Zone lady police station for 2 years. Later from 2002 she  worked as Traffic SI.

Seeing her sincerity  and dedication towards Nation and Duty, she has selected as a Pilot Officer  on the occasion of Woman's Day  on 8th March 2005. 

She spoke in one of her interview that ladies should never step backwards. They should develop courage in every aspect of life. They should stand as an example for the future generation. Nowadays ladies are getting enough freedom but they are not using it correctly. Specially the dresses they are wearing is not that much good. We "KALYIKA" wish  all the best to her success.


 Nagappa Dattatreya Adem :

A great artist. From his childhood he used to draw whatever he likes from papers, books, etc. He developed the art as a daily routine work. Everybody seeing him used to laugh at him, doing drawing by copying from papers is not a great job! Some people has advised seeing a person if he can draw it will be great. So he decided to do new work in this field. Slowly he started drawing Netaji, Ganapati, etc. During that time his family financial position has become down due to loss in business. He had to stop studies & started working in shop for a salary of 40 Rs. Once he saw an add of Documentary Filmotsav in Mumbai. Taking permission of his boss he attended Filmotsav. He started drawing Director Umashankar's (Delhi) sketch who is standing in the gallery. In this way he started drawing. From 1990-2004, he attended 8 filmotsavs and did 400 sketches. In 8 occasions under  Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) , he sketched 200 personalities. In International filmotsavs he did 250 arts. His aim to do a documentary film. We from "KALAYIKA"

team wish him that he should success in his aim.

Lakshmi Venkatraman Venkateshan :

Yuva Shakti Seva Trust : The trust whose working is different. It is a kind of helping, training and developing. Ther are many self employment schemes, but to start some amount is needed. Govt. may not fulfill all. So, this trust helps the people, and at the same time they also the guidence from a popular person in that particular field. Not only this they also guide in how to market the product.

Since 7 years they had helped 1200 people. Now all are running their business in good profitable way. Her slogan is "Let all of us help each other  and work together to develop the country". Being a politician we can serve, but not so effective than in "Swacchanda Seva Rangam". She said she will continue the work till she can. We wish her all the best. More information soon........

Vinjamuri Sujatha :

A famous Kuchipudi dancer. She migrated to US after her marriage and started "Kuchipudi  Art Academy of Dance" in Luis. From 25 years she is spreading the Indian culture among  the people.

Kalnal Dr. D. S. Raju :

The person who should be counted in the list of the great heros of our Nation like Subhash, Vallab bhai, Alluri, etc. He has completed his MBBS in 1928 and MRCP in London. He has served a lot in those days. His 100th birthday is celebrated in Hyderabad on 19th December 2004,  by Andhra Pradesh Kshatriya Seva Samithi.

Members : Sri.G.V. Rama Raju ( ) , Sri.S. Balakrishnam Raju ( ), Sri.D.V.Raju (Chairmen),

Dr. Ramachandra Raju ( ), Sri. R. Srirama Raju (SrihariRaju), Sri. P. Srihari Raju.

Address: Kshatriya Prabha, Andhra Pradesh Kshatriya Seva Samithi, Kshatriya Towers, 103,

Block-II, 2-1-284, Nallkunta, Hyderabad- 500044.

Andhra Education Society (Delhi) : Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh, the lady well known for her love &     devotion towards Nation & its Culture. In 1947, as a member of Constituent Assembly came to Delhi. Due to lack of Education facility for Telugu Children, & For the development of Telugu Language, she started "Andhra Education Society" on 18-6-1948.

Sri M.V. Rama Rao (President), Sri S.Eshwar Prasad (Secreatry) has giving education for thousands of people. Giving Education is equal to serving the "Goddess Saraswathi". These people has done a great job & in future also they should do the same & more also. We wish them all the best. 


B. Kamalakar Rao 


Mutyala Naidu 


T.Gowri Shankar

 Dr. S.V.Rama Rao : 

 The art of natural beauty from the stroke of a brush, perceived as "Unity in Diversity", by the great canvas artist, Dr.S.V. Rama Rao, is really a worth to see. He became World famous with his modern arts painted in oil colors. He is the recipient of Dr.Sanjeev Dev Foundation award. 

He was born in 1936 in Gudiwada, a small town in Krishna Dt., of Andhra Pradesh. At the age of 12, he took the brush in his hands. By 1955, he achieved 4 diplomas in the field of arts. In 1960, he National significance. In 1962, he contested for Commonwealth scholarship & won it! To learn the modern art, he went to London and learned Lithography with modern techniques. He became World famous with oil color paintings and got International attraction to his works. He worked as a professor in Cincinatti University, Ohio state USA and as a professor in Western Kentucky University till 1978. In 1999, he was awarded Doctorate in arts by Telugu University. From 1953 onwards he held 22 Exhibitions in different cities. This year in March he successfully exhibited his paintings in Kumar's Art Gallery in New Delhi.

In 1965, he got appreciation for his memorable paintings at the IInd Commonwealth Art Exhibition. The Judges of Europe and England nominated Dr.S.V. Rama Rao with the title as "The Most Outstanding Artist In The Commonwealth". In 2001 Govt. of India awarded him the most prestigious " Padmashree" .

His daughter charming Padmavathi Sriramdasu, entered the stage to perform the Bharanatyam dance debut at the Triton College, USA. It was a memorable experience for those who witnessed it. She danced vigorously for four hours and still looked as fresh as a lilly. More than 500 people attended the program. Padma began her performance with a traditional invocatory dance number- Pushpanjali, in which she offered her obeisance to God, her Guru, Hema Rajagopalan, and the audience.

 Sri Annamacharya Project Of North America (SAPNA) :

For every individual who is borned on the  Telugu land , he or she is having an unending devotion and affection towards it and its rich culture. In the same way great saint poet "Shri Annamacharya " is remembered and honored by we, the telugu people of North America. It is our privilege to announce the project on Shri Annamacharya by naming the Association as " Shri Annamacharya Project Of North America" in short SAPNA. The foundation for  this association  is  laid by Shrimati Dr. Sharadapoorna Sonty  and her family with a long term commitment and intense dedication to preserve,promote,propagate and perpetuate the great Indian culture and heritage through the legacies of music masters, dance gurus, poet laureates and spiritual teachers. We are going to publish the works of Shri Annamacharya serially without missing a single concept in our coming issues of SAPNA magazine.

 Uday Shankar Pani :

An alumni of FTII,shares his views about the state of scripting in contemporary Indian Cinema, with special emphasis on Hindi Films.

Most of the producers in the West, specially the successful lot, were script writers before becoming producers. Their expertise in selecting the right subjects and script have made Hollywood, what it is today. Unfortunately, such examples are rare in India, reducing the quality of our films, to prevailing levels. Is lack of Importance being given to writing, the cause of setbacks to hundreds of films released every year ? Or lack of infrastructure to tap and train talented writers for creating good scripts ? By copying Hollywood films, often shot by shot, and spoon-feeding writers with CD's, we are pushing the situation from Bad to Worse. May be, the influx of directors in the film world, who are technically competent, but script wise inexperienced and not well groomed, could be the cause of  the dismal failure of the cinematic machinery ? It is disturbing to realize that our country with the largest film industry in the world, and the best of brains available, it is still far from the standard of quality . It can easily afford to produce good films, by giving scripting, its long overdue importance. Are we just careless, or are we ignorant ?...........

Surya Devara  Ram Mohan Rao :

Uday Shankar Pani