I am a small person from a remote village called  SIRCILLA - in  Andhra Pradesh, India. My school 
 Education was completed in govt. School. At that time I was the most  liking student of my Teachers.
 From my  childhood days I have seen lot of  corruption and people all around  the society  never  kept
 their promises nor their  words. My heart was moved with all  these acts of  society. When I got
 married all my friends and relatives opposed me and kept me out of their contacts. At that moment
 I have moved my family to Mumbai and worked in a textile company  got a good name and recognition 
  from  my  superiors for my hard work.


That was the turning point of my life I decided to do something   for changing the society, which other can never do... So I wanted to unite the people of Andhra  Pradesh  in different parts of the country and world.. So that they can get co-operation and they can co-ordinate with each other. My magazines called Eppude have come into world... All my efforts were  discouraged by my colleagues and my people..... My investment for this magazine  was my 


Its the film industry helped me by organizing charitable show that  was a grand  success.  I dont know what is written for me by god in my lifetime but as long as I am there I will try to work for my people and for world peace. I know that my efforts are a small drop  in the ocean but one drop makes a big ocean. In the world one thing is there which man cannot  understand that is  friendship.  

           People do and die for friendship. That is the reason I always greet people with a heartful smile and make friendship without expecting anything from them. To start this I had   to face lot of opposition and stiffness from different corners of society.  My investment for this great   yagna was from 1982 till date that is the year when I got married.    I am against dowry and for my marriage I is the example for it I have not  taken a penny and I have married a handicapped women to show the world  that they (handicapped people) are not separate from us. From then she has co-operated for my yagna and we both  are working for uniting the people  of Andhra Pradesh around the world  (pravasa andhrulu).


                      Marriage Photo

                 Family Photo

           Married In : 03-02-1982

           Wife's Name : Cherala Padmavathi

           Native : Sircilla (Karimnagar, A.P.)

             Elder Son : Ajay Kumar Cherala

             Elder Daughter :Akhila Rani Cherala

             Younger Daughter : Amitha Rani Cherala